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Whup, Whup (Dirty) - Big Gipp - Whup, Whup (Vinyl)

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  1. Whup definition is - to administer a beating to especially as punishment. How to use whup in a sentence.
  2. whup definition: verb Chiefly Southern US Variant of whipOrigin of whupScotsvariant of whip.
  3. She probably mad, 'bout to whup your ass for not again But don't feel bad, you just tryin' Anybody Can Get It. E Breakin News. touched, bitch Hoes, hoes, money, roll Mr. Whup-Ass done stepped in the do' (Bone crusher) Bring the pain, to your skull Y'all niggaz don't want a fight, You Know My Steez.
  4. ass whup: [noun] whiskey or other strong liquor. Give me a slug of that ass whup. See more words with the same meaning: alcohol.
  5. Whup definition, to whip; beat or defeat decisively: The top seed whupped his opponent in three straight sets. See more.
  6. Define whup. whup synonyms, whup pronunciation, whup translation, English dictionary definition of whup. v. Chiefly Southern US Variant of whip. vb, whups, whupping or whupped chiefly informal US to defeat totally; overwhelm v.t. whupped, whup•ping. impatiently, "Big whup," and I went for it anyway. AUTISM WITHOUT FEAR: Why the Ability.
  7. From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English whup whup / wʌp / (also whop) verb (past tense and past participle whupped, present participle whupping) [transitive] informal especially American English 1 BEAT/DEFEAT to defeat someone easily in a sport or fight I’m gonna whup your ass (= defeat you very easily). 2 to hit someone and hurt.
  8. The big breakthrough came in , when the Del Monte canning company (now no longer associated with the Supervillain that brought the company to power) came out with a much less potent mixture of Whup-Ass in easy to open pull-tab cans. This allowed the user to point the can of Whup-Ass at his or her opponent before opening, preventing the.

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