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屠殺場 (大量虐殺) - Tranquilizer (2) - Tranquilizer (Lathe Cut)

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  1. JPB2 JPA JPA JPB2 JP B2 JP B2 JP B2 JP A JP A JP A JP A JP A JP A JP B2 JP B2 JP B2 Authority JP Japan Prior art keywords cartridge release water cylindrical drug Prior art date Legal status (The legal status is an assumption and is not a legal Author: ダニエル・モロ, ハリー・クアント, ピーター・クズマ.
  2. PURPOSE: To provide a cylindrical plastic product having a good physical property by introducing a polymerizable liquid material to a polymerization column and converting it to a shape of hollow solid cylinder by rotating with a sufficient speed, and then recovering a product having a uniform thickness and a smooth surface. CONSTITUTION: A designated volume of polymerizable liquid material 12 Missing: Tranquilizer.
  3. V-2 V-1 N-3 N-2 N-1 adj-5 adj-4 adj-3 adj-2 adj-1 pillage n./v. (戰爭中用武力) 搶劫,掠奪=plunder=ravage v.掠奪 ; n.掠奪 Pledge 【記】讀︰破爛紙 > 對于我們新一代不迷信的人來說,誓言只是破紙一張。 pledge n./v. (莊重有約束力的) 誓言;發誓=swear 【類】renounce:pledge.
  4. <?php // Plug-in 8: Spell Check // This is an executable example with additional code supplieMissing: Tranquilizer.
  5. ;; -*- fundamental -*- ;; edict dictionary for SKK system ;; ;; Copyright (C) ;; the The Electronic Dictionary Research ;; and Development Group at Monash Missing: Tranquilizer.
  6. blind 盲 (2) block 大塊 (1) blood 血 (2) blow 吹;打擊 (1) blue 藍 (3) board 板 (3) boat 船 (2) body 體 (6) boil 沸 (2) bol 生長;投 (6) bolt 箭;門栓 (1) bomb 炸 (2) bond 帶;捆綁 (1) bone 骨 (2) book 書 (8) border 邊 (1) bore 刺 (1) Missing: Tranquilizer.

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